19 de novembre de 2013

Sonotone #320 - 13 Nov 2013

MONEY letter to yesterday (The Shadow of Heaven 2013) BELLA UNION
GENTE JOVEN dominio mundial (demo) (I, II, II y IV 2'13) DISCOS DE KIRLIAN
ANDY WHITE the walking wounded (Rave On 1986) DECCA
HANK MAY so much (2013)
THE STROKES chances (Comedown Machine 2013) RCA
MIRROR MIRROR not near enough (2013)
FLAAMINGOS all I wanna do is live (Flaamingos 2013) FELTE
CELICA XX imperius (demo 2013) DISCOS CALABAZA
BRIAN ENO & DAVID BYRNE the jezebel spirit (My Life in the Bush of Ghosts 1981) E'G
WOLF EYES chattering lead (No Answer: Lower Floor 2013) DE STIJL